We need your input.

Today we tasted 18 wines, and 3 categories (Italian Chardonnay, Southern Italian Indigenous Grape Variety & Amarone) caused some big disagreements, so we are putting the final decision in your hands. The tasters below, plus Willie Lebus and Robert McIntosh, might not have agreed on the day, but we hope their descriptions will convince you that they are right.

Which of these wines would you like to see on a list? Which would you buy?

If you’ve got a moment, please follow these simple steps, and don’t forget to get your friends to join in too. All those who send the tweet below will be entered into a prize draw (details at the bottom of the page).

Voting is live on Tuesday 25/8 and Wednesday 26/8 – closing at 23:00. Winners will be announced on Thursday 27/8

1. Watch each of these short videos to meet the tasters and hear their selections & reviews:

Video 1 – Jamie Goode (@jamiegoode) & Douglas Blyde (@douglas_blyde)

Video 2 – Anthony Rose (@antrose33) & Gal Zohar (@zoharwine)

Video 3 – Denise Medrano (@thewinesleuth) & Dan Coward (@bibendumwine)

2. Vote for your favourite

** The poll has now closed and is no longer accepting votes **

** The poll has now closed and is no longer accepting votes **

3. Get others to join the event

If you are on Twitter, click here to let everyone know you have voted (or send your own tweet with #lanima) and enter the draw to win a prize.

One twitterer who sends out the tweet “I am helping to select wines for L’Anima’s list #lanima” will be selected at random to receive an invitation for a behind-the-scenes tour of L’Anima, share a bottle of Prosecco with Gal Zohar, and will also receive a pack with each of the winning wines.

Anyone can vote, but unfortunately winners have to live in the UK and be over 18 (to receive the wines). Arrangements for the visit will be made direct with the winner via twitter after the selection. There is no cash alternative, and it is free to enter. Details of the winner will be announced by the end of September at the very latest.


18 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. Nice idea but i’m afraid those wines wil not do it for me. To save choices as you see in every restaurant. I know you have to make money etc. but i get bored by most of these wines. Funk is where it’s at.

    • I think most of those who took part yesterday agree that there need to be more “funky” wines on UK wine lists, and there were definitely some funky wines here, especially in the Indigenous Southern Italian grape category.

      I’m sure these wines are not “everywhere”, but if these few wines aren’t your cup-of-funk there are 220 others on the L’Anima list you could choose

  2. Hello, Well done to all the teams, it was a hard choice, but I have voted for Team 3. The only reason for this is because I felt they had the consumer in mind more so than the other teams. I love funky and interesting wines, but for the most part the average customer doesn’t. So for this reason, I vote Dan and Denise well done!

    Just also want to mention to l’anima and all involved in the organisation (Robert M) this is a great idea, way to use social media in such an interesting and fun way!


  3. Hi Catlin,

    Thnx for voting (wrong choice obviously…).
    I think that unusual wines are a must on every wine list as long as there is someone that is passionate enough to hand sell them.
    Nothing that makes me feel prouder (professionally) than to see drinkers discovering new flavours and smells. This is where our jobs really become interesting.

    And also, thank you very much for your support.


  4. Good on all the teams for stetching the boundaries with the inclusion of indigenous varietals – truly wine lover’s wines and not for the average consumer. Are you planning on offering these winning wines as a possible wine flight on the new wine list? or pairing them up with a luncheon or dinner menu? Great excercise and fun to watch the contrastng styles of the presenters.

  5. Great idea – I really enjoyed the videos. I was going to go for Team 1, but opted for Team 3 in the end as I do like what Alois Lageder is doing and it sounded like a really nice Chardonnay. They all sound like they will make a refreshing wine list for the restaurant. Well done!

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  7. All three did such a great sales job on us – and great interviewing Robert (@thirstforwine). Congrats to all. OK, I’ll come clean, I voted for Team 2 even though I’d love to try almost all the other wines too … Why? Because they convinced me these were appropriate and saleable at l’Anima and I look forward to trying them there soon!

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  9. Congratulations, Gal, Robert McIntosh, the professional wine tasters all the supportive L’anima crew. This has been a fascinating happening to watch, much like a drama or a mystery story unfold in real time. An innovative and a promising integration of the power of cyber space and the sensation of tasting good things. I did vote for group 2 just because I trust the wine choices made by my son!

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