Gal Zohar

Gal Zohar

Welcome to the pages where L’Anima gets creative with words and technology, just as we do with the food and wine in our award-winning restaurant.

L’Anima, led by Francesco Mazzei,  is always looking for new ways to reach out to our customers,  to improve what we do and to listen to what you have to say.

As Head Sommelier I want to help you make the most of your experience at L’Anima. I would like to bring some of my passion for wine and for what L’Anima stands for to this medium.

L’Anima offers the finest of contemporary Italian cuisine in a chic and elegant surrounding.

Translated, L’Anima is Italian for ‘soul’. This essence has been incorporated in every detail of the restaurant and bar; from Francesco’s creative Italian menus and selected wine list, to the inviting interiors providing for a comfortable, intimate and memorable experience.

For more information on the restaurant, check out our brand new website. This site will be a home for informative, educational and engaging online activities. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. Please do leave me a comment below, or get in touch via email or telephone. My contact details are listed below:

Email: gal.zohar@lanima.co.uk

Twitter: @zoharwine

Telephone: +447825942396


1 thought on “L’Anima

  1. Gal

    Great choice wordpress is fantastic which I had known about it in 2005 when I started by own Blog.

    Please pass my regards to Team L’Anima the best in town !

    Ciao ciao

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