Wine Challenge

The wine list is a great, and wonderful, responsibility.

As Head Sommelier, I can select from the incredible bounty of Italy’s best wines, its diversity of styles, its amazing variety of grape varietals, many of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and from producers who have generations of experience of their local terroirs.

There are hundreds of wines that could justify their place on L’Anima’s Wine List, dedicated to Italy’s finest and most interesting wines, but there are only so many we can list at one time. It seemed appropriate, therefore, to allow those of you who are interested in these great wines to help me select those that should be given a chance.

Through the power of Social Media – blogging, twitter, facebook and beyond, we want to ask you to help us choose 3 of the wines that deserve a place on L’Anima’s updated list.

Watch this video for more explanation:

We Need Your Votes

On Monday, August 24th 2009 the select group of wine enthusiasts (below) will taste and rate a selection of wines (click here to see the full list) – and probably share a lot of thoughts, pictures and video via twitter (check it out between 3pm and 5pm on Monday).

Unfortunately these wine enthusiasts rarely agree with each other. So, the three most contentious categories will be put to a public vote, via this site for YOU to vote on. Tasters will be (updated):

Gal Zohar (@zoharwine),
Dan Coward (@bibendumwine),
Robert McIntosh (@thirstforwine) [will now only be recording the event and updating folks]
Jamie Goode (@jamiegoode),
Douglas Blyde (@douglas_blyde),
Anthony Rose (@antrose33)
Denise Medrano (@thewinesleuth) – very excited to have an experienced video wine blogger join the group

All we ask is that you watch each team’s short video explaining why you should support their choices, and then give us your vote. The winning selections will then be listed in the restaurant. Simple and fair.

Thank you to Robert McIntosh and Dan Coward for their help in putting this concept & event in place.

Please do let your friends know. In return we are offering 1 lucky participant an unusual prize – a behind the scenes tour of L’Anima and a bottle of each of the winning selections. Watch this space!


29 thoughts on “Wine Challenge

    • unfortunately we are limited by the fact this is not selfhosted so can’t install fancy plugins. Will see what I can arrange though. Thanks!

    • simply not enough room for 12 people, but nice idea. I believe some women were invited, it is just the way it worked out. Hopefully we can get more women involved next time

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    • that’s as tenuous a link as I’ve ever heard, but bold 🙂

      The list is focused on Italy, a wine country that is ANYTHING but limiting.

      Thank you for the offer, but I think that samples will not be necessary for this tasting at least.

    • Sorry but this is an Italian focused list, not an Italian sounding focused wine list, what a strange idea!
      Thanks for trying to expand our limitation though!

      • Fair enough – but please try to read the humour into the previous post. The joke intended was obviously not scripted with enough car.
        Great initiative.

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    • Well, if you do something a little different, hopefully a few people are interested. Are you?

      We hope to bring twitter a little insight into how wine lists are put together, and chat a little about interesting Italian wines

      Come on down!

    • This is actually not free at all. We invest of our best time and energies into this FIRST of a kind project.
      had work & creativity deserve being rewarded don’t they?
      follow us on this Space Mr. Heimoff

  4. Thanks for the Link on Twitter, where my handle is @CJsWine.
    I’ve got a tiny blog here too, and I will add you to my blogroll.

    I commend you for bravely entering the social media sphere, which is really another way of sharing your passion with us. If I am ever in London, be assured that I will happily patronize your business.

  5. Hello, What a great idea! It’s great to see fellow restaurants using social media! I will definitely be voting to get a wine on your list, and of course would LOVE to participate in any future events!


  6. ‘Mike Ratcliffe

    Twitter is so International and Italy so limiting for a wine list of this calibre. How about an Italian ’sounding’ wine for L’Anima – Vilafonté? Samples could appear from South Africa in time for the blind tasting – like magic!
    How about it? Too radical?

    Nice try, Mike. Italian ‘sounding’ indeed…!

    (What’s with the French accent on the last e anyway?)

  7. Why not use twitter to choose the wines to admit to the tasting and not afterwards? Why not ask what wines you customers would love to see featured in your wine list?


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  9. This is a brilliant idea and how very exciting !!!!!
    how quick would you be able to send the videos online ?
    cant wait to see it all un-folding !!!!!!
    With out a shadow of a doubt Im voting and spreading the news ! !

    Good luck to Lanima team, Zoharwine, and all the tasters ! !


  10. Great idea. A nice addition to this would be to put online a 1min video from the winemaker that would explane people why they should vote for their wines. Robert MacIntosh should be familiar with this format, we already did someting like that for a non-wine bloggers do.
    And by the way, since Tuscany’s Maremma is in Italy 🙂 , if you need samples for next round just let me know.

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  12. I’m quite intrigued and bemused by the strong reactions that this project has generated. I personally would like to congratulate L’anima for providing an opportunity for – dare I say – the non “wine geeks” of this world to experience and engage with the wine list decision making process. Publicity stunt or not – I think it was both an interesting and insightful experiment!

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