Vongole contest

I will start  and apologise. Due to a low internet connection for the last few days I am entering the vongole contest with a slight delay.  Unsurprisingly, the passion and dedication of @youngandfoodish, @Gastro1 & @gastrogeek1 has spread the buzz and it is on the move.

A brief of the project and its rules can be found here.

A perfect description of the essence of the Vongole as per @gastro1

Linguine or Spaghetti alle Vongole is an essentially contested dish just like many others that transcend regionalism and can be found in all corners of the country and beyond. Every aspect is debated and contested, rosso or bianco, chilli or no chilli, white wine or no white wine, choice and quality of pasta, fine or coarsely chopped parsley, cooking time and so on.

In reality when you deconstruct this dish you start to understand Italian Cooking, the importance of good quality ingredients and the dialectic between apparent simplicity and the combination of few ingredients to produce the synthesis of a perfectly executed dish.

following is the 5th video of the series as the rest of them can be found here

Throughout the project and while the videos staring Francesco will be released, all those involved will try to generate interest and most of all create interaction between all vongole lovers.

Please feel free to express your infinite love to the beauty of vongole in the classic 140 character format and remember to hashtagit #vongole. You can also follow @linguinevongole to get all the latest tweets.

More to come soon



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