Two new vongole videos

All is happening so fast. Two  New video are out already and Francesco is teaching us all about emosion & parsley.

As we all know perfection is achieved through the smallest of details. and this time Francesco shows how much content can be put in those. In an almost scientific approach we can now understand how can a creamy texture  be created with no dairy involved.

But I should let the maestro speak for himself below.

Second video tries to explain what parsley brings to the party and which type will work best with the vongole.

Please remember to send out tweets that explain why YOU are in love with Vongole and could end up in our private dining room with your plate full.


And now that it is over …

Well after all the hype and commotion it is nice to say we’re finally done. It seems much longer but it’s only been a week since this site first went live. The expectation was there but I never thought that so many people would get involved, browse the pages and vote.

First of all a huge thank you to all those involved. To Dan Coward (@bibendumwine) & Rob McIntosh (@thirstforwine) who both helped to pick up my strange idea and then shape it to something someone other than myself could understand. To Denise Medrano (@thewinesleuth), Anthony Rose (@antrose33), Jamie Goode (@jamiegoode) & Douglas Blyde (@douglas_blyde) who were all kind enough not only to give us some of their precious time but also to promote and blog about the event. A special thank you to Francesco Mazzei who supported me and helped all this come true.

And obviously I am grateful to every single one that clicked in, showed interest and had fun with our project as much as we did.

Big congrats to the BIG winners of the week team 3

This has been such an extraordinary week that my head is filled with new thoughts for future projects.  I have learned so many things through being involved in the process. Tasting with more experienced tasters is important. Although I might disagree with some of their conclusions, their views are important. I got a different angle to that which I’m used to getting on my own. This will undoubtedly affect my future choices.

Updates on further thoughts and new projects will be found here as soon as I make up my mind!


Thank you for an amazing reaction

There has been an overwhelming reaction to our wine event this week. Thank you so much for taking part and making this such a fun experience for all of us involved.

When we started planning this event we expected that some people might enjoy the idea of seeing this wine tasting and getting involved, and that our friends, customers and maybe those especially interested in the latest ideas would come and take a look. However, watching all three videos means dedicating almost 15 minutes of your time which is a BIG commitment, so we were aware that we might not receive too many votes.

traffic statsWell, yesterday we overshot our mental target for the entire 2 days of voting and already have over 100 votes for the wine list and dozens of supporting messages on twitter. Amazing! This site received 1500 views in a single day from countries across the world, and the event has been mentioned in blogs and magazines in the UK, USA, Scandinavia, India and beyond.

Thank you again, and do please keep the votes and comments coming in, we really appreciate it, and if you are in London, please come by and say hello.

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