Congratulations to Team 3

An initial, quick post to congratulate Dan Coward and Denise Medrano, aka Team 3, on their success in the vote which closed last night. They came first by a substantial margin with their fun style and interesting wine choices, and we look forward to adding these three wines to the list.

Gal Zohar will be adding his thoughts in more detail on this blog later today, and announcing the winner of the prize to come down to L’Anima for a personal tour (and maybe even taste some wines) as well.

Thank you everyone who watched, tweeted, voted and supported this activity. The level of interest and support was extremely encouraging and we hope to welcome as many as possible of you in the restaurant in the near future.

More news and details later.

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Thank you for an amazing reaction

There has been an overwhelming reaction to our wine event this week. Thank you so much for taking part and making this such a fun experience for all of us involved.

When we started planning this event we expected that some people might enjoy the idea of seeing this wine tasting and getting involved, and that our friends, customers and maybe those especially interested in the latest ideas would come and take a look. However, watching all three videos means dedicating almost 15 minutes of your time which is a BIG commitment, so we were aware that we might not receive too many votes.

traffic statsWell, yesterday we overshot our mental target for the entire 2 days of voting and already have over 100 votes for the wine list and dozens of supporting messages on twitter. Amazing! This site received 1500 views in a single day from countries across the world, and the event has been mentioned in blogs and magazines in the UK, USA, Scandinavia, India and beyond.

Thank you again, and do please keep the votes and comments coming in, we really appreciate it, and if you are in London, please come by and say hello.

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